Board Of


Ensuring the strengths in each relationship through the purposes of logistics coordination, organizational capacity, creativity, being participatory, and productive in teamwork to resolve issues through quality service.

Quality Attention:

People of the foundation pay attention to quality by always providing attention in a kind, respectful, loyal, solidarity, timely and integral manner. In addition, we try to meet the needs of each person and the foundation itself to achieve our vision and mission.


The foundation plans, organizes and carries out activities to guide, control, and achieve the goals of the foundation in order to generate continuous improvements for the process.


We make the best use of administrative, technical, material, and financial resources that are available. Also the benefits to which it gives is used in a timely and efficient way, that is adequate.


The foundation guarantees care for all people without any discrimination.


The foundation communicates openly to all it’s actions in management explaining its effects in actions to certain areas, committees, and communities.Through this method, all of the relationships and decisions that are established and have been taken in the foundation will be transparent. 


The foundation wants to generate skills for human beings through the recognition of tools that provides the understanding of concepts, and that this generates the importance in learning, reason, and analysis. This will generate spaces, capacities, and developments in the intelligence and creativity in different areas for the strengthening of thinking and learning through the dignification of lives.

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
invites you to change a person’s life through unconditional support.
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