Donate Your Time

FSTH Needs Your Time
And Your Skills

Being able to donate your time is one of the noblest acts of human kindness, it represents our core as human being. Support your community by volunteering for a good cause that benefits others with your hard work. At The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation, we welcome people who would like to donate their time (services), for the benefit of the foundation. We know that your time is valuable. Therefore, we will help you find values and priorities that go according to your passion. Also, you can share your ideas, talents, and abilities with us to better the lives of the those who have suffered. It is important to have the skills necessary that match our organization’s goals in order to do a better job and providing support for those who have suffered
The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
invites you to change a person’s life through unconditional support.
Donations always have a greater impact on the life of survivors.