Candace Vallarta

Candace Vallarta
Board Member

Candace Vallarta has been working with Virginia Isaias when her office opened on 17th and grand street since 2012. Candace Vallarta is very active in her community and around the world as a motivational speaker to the youth and young adults, Advocate and bringing women empowerment to our future generation and women entrepreneurs.   Candace now is a fitness enthusiast, Persues in the modeling and acting industry and also dedicates her time at a local radio station in the riverside county as a radio host bringing the good news to the young men and Women around the world speaking on subjects such as domestic violence, human trafficking, women empowerment, self love And The love of God!

Phone: (714) 574-1547
Degrees: M.D. of Finance
Experience: 8 years of Experience
Training: Certificates, Domestic Violence Advocate