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Foundation – Fundación de Sobrevivientes de Tráfico Humano


The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation

Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation (FSTH), a non-profit 501 c (3) IRS Federal EIN 27-3906799, was established in October 2010. FSTH is formed by a team of volunteers and collaborators who are against modern slavery, domestic violence, and human trafficking. We all agree on working to raise awareness and break the silence fighting for human rights.

FSTH, works to eradicate modern slavery, human trafficking, harmful exploitation of forced labor that traps people without distinction of gender and age in a system of debt bondage or restricting physical, mental, emotional, economical, and cultural freedom. 

The foundation develops three phases in its vision as a social objective for humanitarian support:

Prevention | Restoration | Resocialization

FSTH collaborates with other organizations and has been recognized by the federal congress, the Senate, the Assembly, Orange County, the Department of Education, the Consulate of Mexico, and other prestigious organizations.


Nuestra visión es: “Un mundo sin violencia, sin esclavitud y sin explotación, con los sobrevivientes de abuso, violencia o de tráfico humano viviendo una vida digna, feliz y con mucho éxito”.


Empoderar a la comunidad y a los sobrevivientes:

  • Alzando conciencia.
  • Movilizando a la comunidad.
  • Abogando por los sobrevivientes.

Our Values

Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation

Culture of Community Service

The value of our  service speaks of our high sense of collaboration to help and serve others. Helping others to achieve well-being, reminds the individual that there will always be someone to lend a helping hand during difficult moments when adversity happens. 


We understand human dignity as a  value or an intangible right of all individuals that should not be infringed upon. It is a fundamental right and an inherent value of the human being to have freedom. Individual dignity is based on the respect and esteem that a individual has of oneself.





Integrity is to return to the path of our truth doing the right thing for the right reasons in a just way. Integrity requires a high level of maturity both ethically and spiritually, since
it is the value closest to perfection. All this leads the individual to act as well as possible in all the circumstances making them reliable and an example of life for others in the way they think, talk and do.


Hope is the motivator that propels us into taking action and get to work, and that is what helps us to endure certain difficult moments in life, giving us consolation and courage to continue with faith that everything will turn out well. FSTH knows that an optimistic mood brings forth favorable results.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is understood as the actualization of human potential (psychological and spiritual) that the person can achieve beyond their natural development, depending on their age and their environment. That is why the human being evolves and is molded throughout a lifetime.


Respect is a value that allows us to recognize, appreciate, accept and respect the qualities and rights of our selves and others. Respect is the recognition of one’s own value and of human and social rights, allowing society to live in peaceful, healthy coexistence.


Problems will always be part of life, but some of us can avoid them and others have to solve them. Therefore, FSTH does not focus on the problems but on the solutions because we know that when one door closes, another one opens.


Through this value we can understand and grasp the different moods that influence other people. It is a capacity that we have and through it we can understand the situations that are presented in life.


Peace serves as a guide to lead a dignified life and a social life without violence among people, groups and nations. In addition, it strengthens values in homes and institutions. Peace is found in the stability and balance within unity.


Service is the attention and willingness to meet a social need or the needs of individuals. It is the intention and capacity of a human being to console, help and see his fellow human being happy. In addition to providing welfare through esteem, courage, friendship and pleasure.


Justice is based on respect, equality, equity and freedom, it is a moral principle of each individual and a virtue that we all must put into practice. Justice as a moral value sustains society, the majority of people choose to respect the good of a civilized and harmonious life.


Feedom does not impede the freedom of others nor damage in the physical, mental or emotional manners. Freedom is a principle of integrity and respect for one’s  existence, free thinking, and free feeling. It is a right of free expression in one’s own and individual principles of integrity and personal preservation.


Solidarity recognizes the common good and those who stand in solidarity for responding favorably to the needs of others. Solidarity defines collaboration between people and keeps human beings united above all in difficult moments. Uniting for a cause in helping, defending and providing support for the integrity of those who need it.


Resiliency is the ability  to overcome adversity,  to continue projecting into the future. Helping you overcome obstacles and gaining emotional strength by achieving harmonious and productive personal and professional relationships. In addition, resiliency helps you obtain positive results in any aspect of your life.

FSTH offers three services for our community and survivors of domestic violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking.
The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
invites you to change a person’s life through unconditional support.
Donations always have a greater impact on the life of survivors