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How to get involved? – Fundación de Sobrevivientes de Tráfico Humano

How to get involved?

Different Ways To Help

Making Donations

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation invites you to make a tax-deductible donation that will change a person’s life. The size of your donation does not matter, all donations will have a great impact on the lives of the survivors. For every donation that is made to our programs and services, it will support a person who has suffered and their reintegration needs. Keep in mind that your donation can help someone who has suffered from slavery, abuse, or exploitation.


One of the ways to be involved with the sensitive issue of human trafficking is to invite a representative of the foundation to talk about the issue to your school, workplace, community, educational areas or to the individuals.

Legacy Gifts

You can celebrate the legacy of a charitable person who in life donated money in the struggle for good causes. Follow the legacy to honor these people who continued to donate with gifts despite it being their birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion. These gifts of legacy will make a big difference in the lives of many survivors. Commemorate the legacy of someone by donating a gift on his or her behalf to our foundation that strives to eradicate human trafficking.


A donation by testament is the last act of charity that can be offered to those who need us the most. Leaving a legacy through a will is something that will always be remembered, as it will mark a new life for those who have lost theirs.

Wish List

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation has a list of wants and needs. The wish list is intended to have a greater impact on the lives of survivors.

Gift Cards

You can help survivors of human trafficking through gift cards. Some examples are: Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Local Grocery Stores, Target, etc.


The foundation is looking for individuals who can donate their time through volunteering. As a non-profit organization it is vital that we receive assistance from volunteers who would like to make an impact on our society. 

Our Events

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation organizes awareness and educational events that assists us to collect donations that go directly to services. Attending one of these events helps us  meet our expectations in future goals.

FSTH offers three services for our community and survivors of domestic violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking.
The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
invites you to change a person’s life through unconditional support.
Donations always have a greater impact on the life of survivors.