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40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training

Empowering ourselves for a world free of violence!

The FSTH invites you to be part of this group and this experience to educate and make the population aware of a problem that afflicts the entire society, domestic violence.

We invite you to review our calendar and browse our website to learn more about our foundation.

If you are interested in our team for presentations and workshops in your community, write to for dates and reservations.

Registration Information

California Evidence Code 1037.1 requirements for designation as a domestic violence counselor require us to certify anyone who has fully completed the training. This training seeks to provide support to survivors of domestic violence.

Full attendance of all 40 hours is required to obtain certification. In addition, there is a $200.00 non-refundable fee that serves as a donation to the foundation. All payments must be paid before the start of the training.

40 Hour Certification for Facilitators and Professionals

After you have spent 40 hours with the county’s top experts, you will receive a certificate of completion required by the state of California for anyone entering the field of domestic violence defense, either as a volunteer or as an employee. (California Evidence Code 1037.1)

What you will learn:
  1. The dynamics of Domestic Violence.
  2. Resources.
  3. Sexual assault.
  4. Effects of Domestic Violence on children.
  5. Elder abuse.
  6. Teen dating abuse.
  7. LGBTQ.
  8. Legal
  9. Survivor Testimonials

The State of California requires anyone who works individually with survivors of domestic violence and victims of human trafficking, either as a volunteer or as a staff member, to complete 40 hours of domestic violence training.

What is This Training For?

This training schedule is a set of informative classes from Thursday to Sunday. The 40-hour training on domestic violence provides essential knowledge and tools. You can obtain the necessary experience to work with people who suffer from domestic violence.

What are the Goals?

Domestic violence training also gives you an understanding of the dynamics of abuse and the philosophy of empowerment. Training goals include understanding the dynamics of domestic violence and familiarity with resources, tools, and procedures. Also, develop a realistic attitude to the problem to help survivors of domestic violence.

Can I volunteer or Work?

Suppose you have completed the training and earned the 40-hour domestic violence certificate. In that case, you may seek to work or volunteer in a variety of positions such as direct customer service, caring for child survivors of domestic violence in shelters, areas of resources or advice, coordinator of the groups of survivors, the management of cases and the processing of administrative data in organizations.

Dedicated Staff

The entire FSTH staff works with professionalism and dedication to offer only the best to all those interested who come to our offices in search of help or how to help.

Our staff at FSTH is continually trained to stay current with new rules and regulations.

The guides or tutors of this training will offer you all the material and courses necessary for you to achieve certification and obtain the required experience in domestic violence.


Certification is the ultimate goal for anyone seeking to work with survivors of domestic violence in the best possible way and with the necessary tools.

The knowledge acquired during these hours of training will be beneficial to achieving the goals you have in mind.

The 40-hour certificate on domestic violence will allow you to delve deeper into this problem that does not discriminate on gender, race, age, and social status.


The 40-hour training on domestic violence shows general and in-depth issues that are analyzed for a greater understanding and possible solutions.

Topics are chosen by experts in the field and will be helpful for in-depth projects focused on domestic violence.

All our themes and material are shown with examples of a reality that concerns us all as a community and as human beings.

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