“Transforming Our Wounds”
With Will, Commitment and Perseverance

The re-socialization consists of the reintegration of an individual into society after they have been marginalized. It is also understood that a person is outside of society when they have lived for a long time enslaved, tortured, and deprived of their freedom.

That is why the Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation knows that re-socialization is the most important and necessary process for a person to reintegrate into society.

Those who were deprived of their freedom by living for a long time in sexual, physical, psychological, spiritual, and mental slavery are those who had no access to awareness and education.

The foundation understands that each survivor must perform a series of support functions and opportunities that include psychological assistance and training so that the survivor regains freedom and can develop a healthy lifestyle in order for them to prevent deception again and deprivation of freedom.

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation provides personalized psychological assistance and alternative therapies that treat sensitive emotional disorders. Some of the reasons that cause these disorders are:

  •      The coming of a culture or family in which they have always felt displaced and unloved
  •      Having left your country by force or lack of opportunities
  •      Having suffered discrimination on ethnic grounds
  •      Having lived in slavery or on the street for a long time
  •       Lack of  education and information
  •       Lack of access to employment and  labor rights 
  •      Having lived by depending on a person for a long time without the proper education to function in society
  •      Being locked up or deprived of freedom
  •      Being under control of all your movements
  •      Have lived in a toxic relationship for many years
  •      Personality disorders
  •      Aftermaths and symptoms of abuse

Being isolated from people and from one’s family is much more difficult to overcome than what is perceived from the outside. The loss of freedom is also reflected when there are psychological problems that prevent a healthy participation  in society, or when they are forced to share a small loving quarters for months or years. 

Among the problems that psychologists must address are that survivors often resort to suicide and drugs because they believe that they will never have a future. Let’s not forget that many individuals lose their jobs, their homes, and their families when they are trapped by one of the many ills afflicting the world. The process of re-socialization should focus largely on the impediment of these events, because these events do not allow individuals to get up and take action. As a result of the resocialization, survivors will be able to move on with their lives.

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation has empathy and knows very well the needs of each person who has suffered different type of abuse.

FSTH knows that re-socialization is the most important and necessary process for a person to reintegrate themselves into society.

FSTH offers three services for our community and survivors of domestic violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking.
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