A non-profit organization is always looking for people who can donate their time to help provide the services we offer. It is fundamental for us to be able to count on this unconditional help in favor of those who need us.

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation is an organization that fundamentally empowers volunteers through skills at all levels. These skills will help you to better deliver on your social mission wherever you are.

As a volunteer

Our extensive program for volunteers uses a professional system that will train you to work effectively with survivors, and thus help us in our prevention efforts. You have the opportunity to join the cause of FSTH in abolishing modern slavery by donating your time and your talents. There are many ways you can get involved:

  •      Providing skills on the subject.
  •      Organizing campaigns to obtain funds.
  •      Organizing promotional events.

Regardless, if you are a professional who interacts with potential victims of human trafficking or you do not have any experience in the matter and you just want to be part of the solution, FSTH wants you to get involved to know more about how to become a volunteer.


FSTH has a training model that will allow us to offer resources to the community through education in prevention, restoration, and re-socialization with workshops, classes, or conferences in a more effective way.

Let us know your contact information, so we can notify you as soon as this opportunity is available, and send us your information about how we can communicate with you to offer benefits for you or for your organization.

The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
is proud to offer the 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training!
Seats are limited!
Be a Volunteer with FSTH!

Volunteers play a crucial and essential role in FSTH. Thanks to volunteers like you, we can help provide better lives and futures for individuals who have little or no recourse. We need your support!

Requirements to be a volunteer:
  1.     All volunteers must be over 18 years old, and have to commit to at least two hours a week for six months.
  2.     Complete the volunteer application.
  3.     All volunteers will have to complete an interview and present their fingerprints (Fingerprints must be paid by the volunteer, except for interns).
  4.     Have the knowledge to work with multicultural communities and issues of women’s rights.
  5.     Have excellent interpersonal skills, honest communication, positive attitude, and ability to carry a professional tone.
  6.     Respect and maintain the confidentiality of FSTH, clients, staff, volunteers, partners, and donors.
  7.     Be courteous and pleasant when dealing with the public.

Regular communication will be through personal conversations with the supervisor and the coordination of volunteers, meetings, and constant and direct emails about calendar events.

Flexibility (You make your own schedule)

We work around your availability. We only ask for you to commit to a two-hour-a-week, six-month shift. All volunteers who complete six months will receive a certificate of appreciation and a letter of recommendation. The FSTH welcomes you and hopes that you will be join us to help with what we love to do.

Office Manager

The office administrators ensure the proper functioning of the foundation by supervising daily administrative operations. They also order general supplies such as papers, pens, and toners from specific suppliers. As a result, managers may be required to investigate several sellers to obtain better prices, delivery dates, and other terms of sale. With the increasing use of computer systems, office managers will also be responsible for ensuring that systems function properly. Therefore, they must have skills to solve computer system problems. This volunteer position can assume accounting responsibilities, registration expenses, invoice remittance, and accounting procedures.

Other functions of office managers:
  •      Design and implement file systems.
  •      Ensure the maintenance of files.
  •      Establish and supervise procedures for the maintenance of records.
  •      Strengthen the security, integrity and confidentiality of data.
  •      Design and implement office policies and procedures.
  •      Monitor adherence to the policies and procedures of the office.
  •      Analyze and monitor internal processes.
  •      Implement changes in procedures and policies to improve operational efficiency.
  •      Prepare operational reports and schedules to ensure efficiency.
  •      Maintain a safe work environment.
Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinators recruits, trains, and put the new volunteers on board. This coordinator produces descriptions of the work that volunteers are required to cover. They also hold regular meetings, meet the needs of volunteers and staff, and are aware of upcoming events. The volunteer coordinator acts as the link between employees and volunteers. Serving as a supervisor to all volunteers, keeps records of work hours and duties of volunteers, and update files of the volunteers’ applications.


Organize, assist, and present at businesses, communities, and neighborhood group meetings regarding the foundation and its mission. Speakers also attend public events, meetings, fairs, information sessions, etc. to organizes and participate in community outreach activities to educate the community widely about Human Trafficking. In addition the speaker must also respond to public and community questions.


Located at the reception of our administrative offices, this person will be responsible for answering the main phone, greeting, and welcoming people and directing visitors to the appropriate location for future meetings. In addition, this person has to ensure the cleanliness of the office area for staff, visitors and also keep inventory of office supplies, sort the mail, and prepare shipping labels. They must demonstrate their commitment to serve the FSTH clients and to maintain the established mission.

Social Media Coordinator

The social media coordinator maintains the organization’s online network. Develops innovative, positive, and creative media content on social media platforms that also follows social media trends. In addition, they create and maintain relevant social media accounts.

Fund Development Coordinator

This coordinator is responsible for leading the fundraising efforts of the organization. Develop and manage a fundraising plans, secure financial support, run special events for donors, and other projects to ensure the organization meets its annual goals. The fund development coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all donors receive a thank-you card and keep an updated record of all donations.

Graphic designer

The graphic designer develops a series of projects such as flyers, advertisements, lobby screens, collateral printed materials, and Web graphics.


As a Foundation photographer, you will be invited to attend presentations, events, and conferences to take pictures of people, landscapes, or other topics. You will use digital or cinematic cameras. In addition, the photographer will help FSTH generate stock photos to increase the profitability and visibility of its programs. You can develop negatives or use computer programs to produce finished images and prints.

Administrator of Government and Private Funds

The administrator of these funds is responsible for seeking private or government funds for the Foundation. Also, to appropriate and allocate the funds and to handle all the procedures and applications that needs to be processed. The administrator also performs tasks such as budget review, information gathering, orientation, and completion of money. In addition, this volunteer will make sure that the money is being used for the intended purpose. Also, they will establish the standards and meet deadlines for the proposals, review said proposals, and guarantee compliance with organizational standards which the volunteer will have to maintain records of the funding sources.

FSTH offers three services for our community and survivors of domestic violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking.
The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation
invites you to change a person’s life through unconditional support.
Donations always have a greater impact on the life of survivors.