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Why Donate?

Your Donation It has A Great Impact

When we donate, this size is reflected in the people we are helping. You do not have to be a millionaire to make a big difference. Small donations can drastically change the quality of life of survivors. When we consider human trafficking in a developed world, many people feel that nothing can be done about something so big. The scale of human trafficking is immense, and we know that the struggle is difficult. The lack of hope is understandable, but the stories of survivors and studies indicate otherwise. While human trafficking is extreme and widespread, it is easy to forget how many people there are in the developed world and how powerful the impact can be when they come together for a good cause.

The Benefits Go To People Who Need Them

There are now thousands of nonprofit organizations, and choosing who to support can be an overwhelming task. However, here at The Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation, we focus on providing prevention, restoration, and re-socialization services to survivors of domestic violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking. The feeling of giving rests entirely in putting ourselves in the shoes of those affected. We ask ourselves: What would happen if we were the ones who are waiting for the donation? We understand what is happening, and we want to prevent it. Knowing in advance that the benefits go to people in need is one reason that motivates us to donate.

FSTH offers three services for our community and survivors of domestic violence, modern-day slavery, and human trafficking.



The Commitment to Eradicate Everyone’s Human Trafficking

Effective interventions can break the circle of human trafficking. Prevention and struggle keep people safe in an environment without violence, exploitation, and slavery. The restoration allows us to continue providing a second chance in life to those survivors who saw their lives cut short. Inclusive re-socialization services have contributed great help in the reintegration of people into the society from which they were extracted. Human trafficking is a growing problem, but it has also promoted many solutions that will only be successful if we all do our part. Thank you for your donation.

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